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The Lacobel glossy painted glass range features an attractive palette of contemporary colours. The fashionable colours in the Trendies line were inspired by mother nature, creating a warm, soothing atmosphere. They range from White Pure, immaculate as snow, to Brown Natural, the colour of earth, along with other colours inspired by the natural world, such as Red Terracotta, Green Soft and Green Sage. Available in both ranges (with only one exception: Beige Light/ Warm), they enable you to play with the combinations shade by shade and give your interior a colourful, contemporary touch.

The Exclusives line is unrivalled when it comes to giving your interiors a sophisticated touch. Its unparalleled palette consists of 24 unique colours designed in house and based on the latest brands in the colour market. They can be combined with fine materials such as wood, marble and copper to create luxury environments.